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Cole Vallis is a rising Director of Photography and Steadicam operator based in the New York/ New Jersey area. His career started at an early age as a professional youth actor on television (Gotham, Madam Secretary, Stephen Colbert), in independent films and commercial voice overs.  His interest in production and creative development of projects has become the platform for his growing resume.  He has worked heavily alongside ARRI and was a leader in the introduction of the “Trinity 2” and “Artemis 2” systems to the United States. His reputation as a dedicated, honest, resilient, confident team-player that embraces a challenge along with being resourceful in finding ways to create, innovate and ultimately solve problems makes him a solid team member.  He continues his passionate quest for knowledge and he is never afraid to ask the proverbial “stupid question”. His production company “Save Art Media” is an independent film company creating work to bring awareness to otherwise unrepresented stories, projects of passion, artistic expression and art that is not funded by Hollywood studios. 

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